Piper Archer II N8318Y

STL Aviators Newest Addtion To The Fleet

A 1980 Piper Archer II will enter service on October 17, 2020. This airplane is a joy to fly. It looks amazing outside and inside with a beautiful condition paint scheme and updated newly installed interior. It has a newly overhauled engine by Penn Yan Aero and has only 180 hours since overhaul. Very nice avionics with a Garmin GNS 530 with WAAS and a Garmin GTX 345 providing ADS-B IN and OUT and a 2 axis autopilot by S-TEC with altitude hold.

At 65% power leaned to 100 degrees rich of peak rated a 125 knots true at 9.0 GPH, but it really seems she is faster than this for some reason.

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Aircraft Ownership Opportunity


For those that attended the hangar BBQ a few weeks ago know that Mark Turpin and I have secured a 1981 Piper Archer II. Our intention is to bring it into the club but as I mentioned we require a few investors to share the cost of the aircraft as Mark and I want to limit our participation to $20K each.

Mark and I have spun up an LLC called Maverick Air (in honor of a rumor that Tom Cruise flew this airplane at some point in his pilot career… I’m researching this now!). Total capital raised for the aircraft is $100K with the plane purchase itself at $87,500.00. Minimum buy-in is $15K so we’ll need (4) more investors to bring her into the club. Below is a snapshot of the specs and if interested I can send over a VRef on the plane. We will structure the lease back for the club similar to the Arrow and Paul’s Archer which include a 7% finance fee on the aircrafts present value to the club, plus funds for the engine and prop TBO.  

As of May 30, 2021 there are still spots open for ownership.

A couple of key specs on the plane:

1981 Piper Archer II – PA-28-181

Airframe Total: 11,320 hrs

147 SMOH on a Penn Yan Aero refurb engine (180 HP Lycoming)

Stec-30 Auto pilot with Alt hold

GTX-345 w/ADS-B in/out


During the pre-buy we went ahead and completed these service bulletins specific to this make and model:  SB-1006 – Main Spar Corrosion and SB-1244C – Aft Wing Attach.

We also went ahead and completed this service bulletin in case the PA28 Wing spar AD drops: SB-1345 – Main Spar Eddy Current inspection.

She is a beautiful plane with great recent service and I’m sure will get a lot of flight time from the club. Help Mark and I bring her in!

Please reach out to me if you would like more details, would like to see the airplane, or have other questions.


Gregory Collier


STL Aviators, Inc


(314) 799-3065

N62475 Cessna 172P

Our 1982 Cessna 172 is hangared and serviced by Million Air at Spirit of Saint Louis Airport (KSUS) hangar B4. Convenient access with all the FBO services by a well known provider to general and corporate aviation providing us with fueling, hangar, line service, pilot lounge and flight planning.

Full IFR equipment certified the avionics include a Garmin GNS 430 GPS/VLOC with ILS receiver COM/NAV 1, King KX-155 COM/NAV 2 a Lynx L3 NGT-9000 Transponder with ADS B In/Out. Our 172 rental rate is $105.00 per hour and includes fuel. With the extended tank option this plane has 48 gallons usable and burns approximately 8.6 GPH giving you 5.5 hours of flight time at 118 KTAS (no reserve) with a range of approximately 658 miles (no reserve). A useful load of 617 LBS with full fuel is economical and fun for a family trip (2 adults 2 children). A great fun and affordable plane for a local sightseeing flight, or a weekend getaway. Schedule a time to come see the plane in person and what it has to offer!

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Social club membership, “Ground Crew”!

You are cordially invited to join our newest membership program, The STL Aviators “Ground Crew”. This new membership level gives you access to all the club functions and meetings. The membership fee is $20 monthly. Membership includes access to:

  • STL Aviators major event functions
  • Quarterly meetings and technical presentations
  • Monthly hangar meetups, BBQ’s, and ride along flights

Meetings, presentations and social functions are all great ways to learn about aviation with pilots and fellow aviation enthusiasts.Please contact myself here or via email at: [email protected] for a membership application.Happy flying!
STL Aviators is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(7)

Piper Archer II N9093K

Our 1986 Piper Archer II is hangared at Creve Coeur Airport (1H0) hangar H9. A very friendly atmosphere with a stocked refrigerator, coffee maker, and BBQ pit! Great place to come fly, hangout tell hangar stories and watch the plans fly from the shade of our hangar!

Full IFR equipment certified the avionics include a Garmin GNS 430 GPS/VLOC with ILS receiver COM/NAV 1, King KX-155 COM/NAV 2 a Garmin GTX-335 Transponder with ADS B Out. Newly added “glass cockpit” dual Garmin G5 PFD and EHSI with a new Garmin GFC500 Auto Flight Control System with 2 axis autopilot and altitude preselected and alerted. Our Archer II rental rate is $85.00 per hour and does not include fuel. This plane has 48 gallons usable and burns approximately 10 GPH giving you 4.5 hours of flight time at 116 KTAS A useful load of 667 LBS with full fuel is fun and roomy for a family trip (2 adults 2 children). A comfortable cruiser for a getaway. Or if needed fly with it fueled only to the fill tabs for a total of 34 gallons useable and approximately 3 hours of fuel for shorter trips and that gives you and useful load of 764 LBS. Schedule a time to come see the plane in person and what it has to offer!

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STL Aviators, Inc. Officially Launches

We are a 501(c)(7) not for profit, non-equity, flight club. All members and officers are volunteers. We currently have (24) members (3) of which are multi-engine, (7) of which are instrument rated, a few which are working on instrument.

We have open slots for airplane owners and a waiting list of pilot & student members. We are trying to keep a maximum 14-12 members to 1 aircraft ratio. We have one bird, the Cessna 172 (N62475) in the hangar at Million Air (KSUS). We also have the Piper Archer II (N9093K) in the hangar at Creve Coeur (1H0).

We are very excited to provide one of the lowest cost flight options for pilots in the St. Louis and surrounding areas! Check back for more info and posts as we have more information.

Flight Circle Scheduling

Flight Circle is a scheduling system offering integrated scheduling, maintenance management, and payments. If you are an approved member, you can access the club’s organizational sign-up at Flight Circle via *this link*

If you have any issues, please reach out to Corey, Greg, or Mark and we will help! David K. has provided a helpful tutorial on scheduling and check-in, along with our temporary payment procedures, included below.